Thursdays 11:15 AM- 12:15 PM
Linden Woods CC + various outdoor routes
April 7- June 23, 2022
$168+ GST/ 12 classes
Register here: Or Call:

New Program! Are you looking to get back into running after having baby? This guided 12 week program is for you! 

Running is such a wonderful activity for parents because it can be done almost anywhere, anytime, with basically no equipment. Our new Stroller Run Club program is designed to support you in returning to running with your new bundle along for the ride, in a fun and social atmosphere.

The first 4 weeks will be held indoors at Linden Woods CC and we'll focus on getting your body ready to run with education, strength training, pelvic floor/core work and cardio drills for runners.

In May/June we'll move the program outdoors and train to run 5 km with the strollers. Outdoor runs will be held in the Linden Woods area, as well as some other fun running destinations.

This class is recommended for parents with babies 6 months and up for safety and enjoyment. You will need an official running stroller.

Weather plan: class will go ahead rain or shine. In case of extreme storms, we may do an indoor workout at Linden Woods CC or on Zoom.

Online postnatal intake form and Manitoba COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool must be completed before your first class.

To join late pro-rated, email 


Darla Gauthier

Darla Gauthier


Teaches: Parent & Baby Bootcamp, Stroller Run Club

Darla brings humour, real life grit and hard-core motivation to her classes.  

She fondly remembers attending our classes as a participant, after she says she spent approximately three months in pyjamas crying with her baby daughter. She decided to try the classes thinking it’s probably a good idea to leave the house, preferably in something other than pyjamas (but no judgement!)  

She remembers having a baby was hard: “It was hard on my body, on my relationships and on my mental and emotional health. For most of us being a mom is uncharted territory, and it made me realize I should apologize to my mom… a lot. But attending these postnatal fitness classes helped me realize that there are incredible women out there who are going through the EXACT same thing and can offer support, encouragement and most importantly empathy and hilarity”.  

Darla is a Manitoba Fitness Council certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and mom of two. She teaches our bootcamp class and it is her privilege to witness the strength, humility, determination and honesty our clients bring to each session. As Darla says: “These women are fierce AF and they are an inspiration not just to us, but also to the beautiful babies (that sounds like a line from Swingers) they bring with them”.  

Darla’s goal each class is for everyone to leave feeling a little bit better. We work out whatever anxiety, guilt, depression, stress, or even pure exhaustion that is no longer serving us. And then go home and put the pyjamas back on!

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