summer babywearing

Babywearing is a wonderful way for families with babies and toddlers to be more active year-round.

In winter it allows us to explore outdoors for longer knowing that we are keeping baby warm and close to us. In summer it allows us to try out more rugged trails and quieter paths that may not be stroller friendly, and also to be “hands free” with baby, which is very appealing if you have other children. The downside of babywearing in warm temperatures? It can get very hot with a baby snuggled up against you in the carrier.


Here are a few tips to make your summer Babywearing outings safer and more comfortable.


  1. Dress for the weather. Dress both yourself and baby as light as possible for the weather, knowing that you will be warmer than you usually would be on own. Wear a higher neck shirt, if you find the feeling of skin on skin uncomfortable on the hotter days.


  1. Keep yourself and baby shaded. Walk in shaded areas as much as possible. Make sure you are both wearing sun safe, wide brim hats. You could even use an umbrella as a parasol. Keep baby’s legs and arms covered in sun safe material, or baby-friendly sunscreen if they are old enough.


  1. Plan to go out before 11 am or after 3 pm to avoid hours when UV rays are the strongest in Manitoba.


  1. Drink lots of water and offer appropriate liquids to baby.


  1. Use water to cool skin on the go. Either a small spray bottle or a cloth you can soak and place on your skin and baby’s skin.


  1. Consider baby’s position in the carrier. Front carriers with baby facing in are best for younger babies so you can monitor baby’s mood and temperature easily. “Visible and kissable” position high on the chest is best for safety and comfort. Experiment with different positions, front, hip or back if age appropriate to see what feels coolest for you and baby. Some people will find carrying on the back to be more airy.


I hope these tips help you have some fun Babywearing adventures this summer!


Wishing you fitness and fun, 


PS if you are looking for more one-on-one help with Babywearing, get in touch with Susanne of Carry Kiss Connect here in Winnipeg


Summer babywearing