Fit Together's Spring Gear Picks for Active Families

Are you planning to get active outdoors with baby this spring? Parents often ask us what gear they may need, so here are a few of our favourites, with a preference for locally owned businesses where possible.


ThinkBaby Sunscreen Stick

Why we like it: This sunscreen is a top choice on the EWG’s “Best Sunscreens for Babies & Kids” list and widely available in Canada. As a zinc-oxide based sunscreen, it’s better for the environment than typical sunscreen and its ingredients present low health risks.  The stick format is easy to apply.

Where to buy: Nest Family Store and major retailers


A soft structured baby carrier

Why we like it: Baby carriers allow families to get out in all types of weather, and onto more types of terrain. It doesn’t matter if there are snowdrifts, puddles, windy days or bumpy paths, you can tackle it with baby snug in the carrier. Many babies also enjoy napping in the carrier, so you can be more flexible about timing. It’s also a wonderful workout 😊. Consider bringing it along for your Fit Together workout if your baby gets restless or likes to be held a lot.

Where to buy: Nest Family Store (online only after March 26, 2022), West Coast Kids and major retailers.


MEC Ursus Fleece Suit or similar

Why we like it: These suits can take you from winter to spring. A full body suit will keep your baby warmer than a jacket and pants and is easier to put on and off.  Tip: layer under thin, waterproof gear for those chillier, wet days.

Where to buy: Look for Columbia, MEC, North Face or Patagonia brands of fleece or thin polyester bunting suits available at MEC, or the Prairie Summit Shop (North Face). You also may get lucky and find second hand from Once Upon A Child Winnipeg West


Ripcords Resistance band

Why we like it: We use and recommend these high-quality resistance bands in our Stroller Fitness classes. We love that they are super long-lasting and strong, and easy to throw in your stroller or bag for a workout on the go.

Where to buy: Need one for Stroller Fitness or Fit Together Adventure Club? Order at for $27.99+ GST


Thin beanie hat

Why we like it: Our participants recommend these thin hats for that “in-between” weather, about 0-15 degrees, when it’s too warm for a toque and too cool for a sunhat. They are cute and fashionable, but not too hot. Plus you can often find matching mom & baby designs!

Where to buy:  

LP Apparel and other brands at Trendy Tots, Beau Hudson, Quinn & Dot and other brands at Nest Family Centre.  You can also check for local makers on Etsy or craft sales.

Sports Bra that fits!

Why we like it: Your body and chest may have changed sizes since before you were pregnant. It’s best to have a well fitted and supportive bra for any impact activities you are starting this spring.

Where to buy:  Fit Together participants get a 15% discount on the Cake Lingerie Zesti nursing sports bra at Ce Soir Lingerie. Local running stores also carry regular sports bras. Ideally go somewhere you can try on.

New runners after pregnancy

Why? Running shoes generally need to be replaced every 6-12 months if you use them weekly. During pregnancy your runners take more of a beating due to increased weight. Your feet may even change size or shape. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your running shoes when baby comes along. Your joints and body will thank you and you’ll be less likely to get an injuryHead to a store with great service for best results!

Where to buy:  Fit Together recommends City Park Runners  or another small shop with personalized service to help you find the right fit..


Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Why we like it: When you have a baby or toddler, you end up sitting on the ground a lot more than you used to! These waterproof picnic blankets are excellent for our outdoor Bootcamp and Stroller Fitness classes when babies want to wiggle next to you. Also great for picnics, play dates and music festivals (one day!).

Where to buy: JJ Cole Outdoor Mat at West Coast Kids or Costco often carries one.


Toddler Rain Suit

Why we like it: For the outdoorsy family, this one piece rain suit is ideal for getting out in all weather conditions. You can layer it over a fleece suit and have some fun in the rain and puddles.

Where to buy: Muddy Buddy at Scout Coffee + Tea, Nest Family Store, or Once Upon a Child. Newt Suit at MEC

We hope this list helps you feel more confident getting out with baby and can't wait to see you at our outdoor classes and out on the trails and sidewalks this spring!


Aileen & the Fit Together team