Code Orange Update- September 28, 2020

What does the new "orange level" restriction mean for Fit Together classes? 

Starting September 28, please wear a MASK to and from your class, in common areas, change rooms, washrooms etc, whether indoor or outdoor locations. You have the option of removing it while exercising. 

Note Chief Medical Officer Dr Roussin has stated gyms do NOT fall under the new gathering limits. Gyms and community centres need to limit capacity and space participants 2 metres apart as we have been doing.

We will follow all guidelines as they are updated and clarified. If our facilities release new policies, we will let affected classes know.

See below for full policy

baby at class

COVID-19 Safety Policy

Exercise is a vital part of mental and physical health, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. Our goal is to create effective and safe fitness options for new parents and parents-to-be at all times, and especially now during COVID-19. We want our families to be as happy and healthy as they can be!

To keep our participants as safe and comfortable as possible, we are keeping on top of our provincial COVID-19 guidelines and have made several changes to our programs and policies. We will continue to adapt as needed.

COVID-19 Screening Form

Manitoba COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool must be completed before each class. If you or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms or has travelled, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please review the latest guidelines as they are changing often. Please don’t attend while you or baby are sick. If you need to miss class, email us in advance and you will be offered the chance to make-up.

Combination of Outdoor, Indoor and Virtual Programs

For Fall 2020 we are offering a combination of outdoor, indoor and virtual classes and will continue to strive for a good mix of options as we head into late fall and winter. These will include smaller indoor groups, the continuation of virtual classes, and outdoor options like Babywearing Hikes and Snowshoeing.

Group Size & Physical Distancing

Class Sizes have been reduced to 12 spots for outdoor programs and 7- 12 spots for indoor programs, depending on the location. For indoor locations, we are following the Manitoba guidelines to ensure there are more than 6 feet between participants. We have added additional class options at Linden Woods CC for fall and winter to make use of the large gymnasium. Physical distancing is required at all outdoor and indoor classes, for both adults and babies. Class plans have been changed to accommodate distancing, and instructors will provide reminders.

Arriving at Class & Departing

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class and sanitize/wash your hands on entry and exit to all facilities. Please exit as soon as possible after class to allow transition time and cleaning, no longer than 15 minutes after (if baby needs more time, we can work around it).

Use of Masks

Masks are currently mandated when entering and exiting ALL indoor facilities, and optional during exercise class.  We are prepared to follow all future facility policies and will communicate any changes to our groups. Please wear a mask when you arrive and depart an indoor class or use indoor facilities.

Use of Locker Rooms for Aquafit classes

Participants are encouraged to dress at home but will be permitted to dress at the facility. For the Rady JCC, only every 4th locker is open to spread out usage. Our groups will self-stagger after class to limit the number of people in the lockers at a time. Cleaning wipes are available and facility cleaning schedule is posted.


Whenever possible, we are requiring participants to bring their own equipment such as yoga mat and weights or resistance band to class to reduce contact. See your class description for details. In classes where this is not feasible (Aquafit, circuit classes, or forgotten items) our equipment will be sanitized before and after class. 

Make-Up Classes

We already have a flexible make-up class policy because we work with parents and babies. If you are registered for a regularly priced Fit Together Winnipeg program, you can make up a maximum of 2 missed classes per session, space permitting, in a class that allows drop in. All missed (non COVID-related) classes need to be made up in the current session and cannot be carried over to the next session.  Email 24 hours prior to making up a class.  

That being said, if your absence is COVID-19 related, please contact us for a personalized make-up plan and we can extend timelines as needed. Video make-up classes are also available. We want everyone to be healthy and safe!


Guests are not permitted to watch classes at this time due to limits on facility capacity.


Refunds are not available except with a medical note. Class credit may be arranged, and policies vary by location.  

If a class is cancelled by us, a make-up class or credit will be arranged.

If classes are cancelled due to a future provincial shut-down, credits or make-up classes will be arranged, depending on the location. Virtual classes may be offered. Rest assured, we will figure out how to get you your classes!

Facility-specific Policies

Linden Woods CC policies

Nest Family Centre policies


Updated September 29, 2020