What is the best Fit Together class for me and my mobile baby or toddler?


At Fit Together we strive to provide approachable and social fitness programs from pregnancy into new parenthood, until your baby or tot is about 18 months (or even older if your tot is willing). Some parents continue all through babyhood and toddlerhood with us.

The idea is you can bring your baby to our classes no matter her mood or temperament. We provide a range of time-slots and a friendly atmosphere where you can tend to baby at any point during class. For older babies and toddlers, more movement and stimulation are built into the programs to keep the little ones entertained and cheerful. Meanwhile the parents improve their fitness and health and make connections with other active families.

A question we get a lot is “what classes work for my mobile baby?”

Some of the classes like yoga and pilates are best for pre-mobile babies for safety and enjoyment, but we have designed several programs just for you and your little mover.   Our instructors are all pre/postnatal fitness specialists trained to modify for common “new mom” concerns such as pelvic floor recovery, abdominal separation, wrist pain, posture and more. We love babies and plan our classes to keep them as happy as possible, while you get in as much exercise as you can each time.

If you are looking to exercise with your mobile baby this season, here are the best classes for you for Fall 2022:


Babywearing Dance + Strength – a lively cardio dance + strength workout with your baby in a carrier.

Stroller Fitness – mobile outdoor class with cardio, strength, core and stretch PLUS baby rhymes

Parent & Baby Aquafit  – a fun and refreshing full body workout in the pool with your 6-18 month old.

Parent & Baby Fall Adventure Club – a special collection of fall outings for you and baby including stroller walks, babywearing hikes, outdoor workouts and more. We meet at a different spot every week!

Babywearing Fitness Hikes – for parents with babies 4 months +,  join us for for a babywearing workout in the great outdoors. Each special event includes trail walking and strength training at beautiful Fort Whyte Alive.

If you love a hard workout and your mobile baby is happy to stay with you on your mat, or you are willing to bring a pop up exersaucer or baby carrier (stroller when outdoors), our Parent & Baby Bootcamp is an option for you.  When indoors, we are in a very large gymnasium, so many parents of mobile babies have been able to make it work.

Parent & Baby Bootcamp – an intermediate to advanced class with cardio, agility, power, strength, core and stretch PLUS baby rhymes.

Tiny Yogis – a playful kids yoga class for ages 2-5 and their parents. Younger siblings under age 2 can tag along free. 

All of classes are very welcoming and accommodating and a great way to spend some time with your baby and other families, so it’s just a matter of taste, location and time-slot after that. Full schedule (calendar view)

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a drop-in to try, please email me at aileen@fittogetherwpg.ca


Much Love, 


Aileen & the Fit Together team