Are you baby to class for the first time very soon? 

Here are our top tips for having a successful first fitness class together:


  1. Pack the evening before. To save last minute scrambling and stress, pack up as much as possible the evening before.
    • Baby supplies, extra diapers etc
    • Yoga mat, water bottle and any class specific fitness items like resistance band/weights
    • Your workout outfit, sports bra and shoes etc
    • Consider bringing a wrap or carrier in case baby needs to be held a lot in class
    • Stroller in the car as applicable
  1. Do a test outing. If you haven’t been on a big outing with baby, try a short test outing a day or two before to get you in the groove
  1. Feed your baby before class. Either plan to feed baby about 45 minutes before you need to leave, or once you arrive.
  1. Plan to leave 20 minutes before you need to. Newborns and babies come with all sorts of timing issues. Allow extra time for blow-outs, wardrobe issues and the unexpected as you are preparing to leave the house.
  1. Keep your expectations low for baby. There’s a good chance your baby will need your attention during your class, especially if they are young, or not used to outings and fitness classes. Relax and tend to them as much as you need. Each class tends to get a little better and you’ll get to do more and more of the workout as you go along.
  1. Slow and Steady If you have not exercised in a few months or more, you are encouraged to consider yourself a beginner. Take it slow in class and start with the lower intensity options and slowly ramp up week by week.
  1. Head straight home after. Most likely the outing to your fitness class will be enough excitement for yourself and baby. Until you are both more experienced, you’ll probably want to go straight home after to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  1. Repack when you get home. A great tip is to repack your diaper bag and workout supplies when you get home so you are ready for next time.
  2. Don’t stress and just go. Whatever happens, take a deep breath and think of all the benefits of getting some exercise with baby. It’s not always smooth, but it’s always worth it to make improvements to your physical, mental and social health. You will both get the hang of it soon!


If you are looking for a welcoming fitness class to join with your baby, check out our current and upcoming schedule here.


We can’t wait to see you and your baby in class!



Owner & Instructor, Fit Together Pre & Postnatal Fitness