Our Story

Fit Together Pre & Postnatal Fitness was launched by owner and instructor Aileen Hunt in Winnipeg in 2009, and operated Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West (a franchise of Fit 4 Two Inc) for 11 years until re-branding and spinning off as a separate business in 2020.  Aileen brought her pre/postnatal fitness programs to Winnipeg after experiencing the joys and benefits of exercising during her twin pregnancy and noticing the limited number of options in Winnipeg at that time. She continued teaching through her second pregnancy and beyond to support hundreds of new families every year. 


For everybody and every body

While some fitness programs can be intimidating, Fit Together offers approachable fitness classes for pregnant and postnatal Winnipeg families to stay active while meeting other parents and babies. We offer programs that span through all the stages of pregnancy and babyhood to provide continuous support and connection.  


Being a role model

Our founder Aileen and her team of friendly and knowledgeable instructors are passionate about helping you exercise throughout your pregnancy, with your baby, and with your growing family. Pregnancy and postpartum can be a difficult, but also exciting time to make lasting improvements to your own health and that of your family.


Joie de Vivre

Exercising should be fun and the best way we know to do that is to work out with other like-minded people. Our classes are focused on enjoying time together through fitness in a variety of formats and locations.

Our Team

All Fit Together instructors are certified pre/postnatal fitness specialists and we look forward to welcoming you to class.


Aileen Hunt

Owner & Instructor

Teaches: Prenatal Aquafit, Stroller Fitness, Mom & Baby Fitness, Mom & Baby Barre, Postnatal Core, Infant Massage 

With a bachelor’s degree in modern dance, Aileen has had a lifelong love for movement. She has never considered herself a sporty person and fondly remembers signing up for the third grade softball team just to get the cute hat. She's a non-typical fitness instructor who loves moving and being outdoors. 

Aileen taught Aquafit classes for several years, including throughout her twin pregnancy. When she became a parent in 2008, she decided to become a certified Manitoba Fitness Council Group Fitness Leader and Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist and bring specialized pre/postnatal classes to Winnipeg in 2009. She benefitted from her own programs through her second pregnancy in 2012.  Her classes focus on the joy of movement and creating connections with each other and our families.  

Aileen is also a self-proclaimed Winnipeg booster, who loves our community and is enthusiastic about making it a better place for us all.  Prior to teaching pre/postnatal fitness, she worked and volunteered for several art organizations.

Her love of fitness, community connection and the outdoors drives her desire to help Winnipeg families stay healthy and strong, all while having a good time!

Photo courtesy of Brittany Rae Photography
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Alisa Hobbs


Teaches : Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga

Alisa attended her first yoga class when she was 20 and fell in love, but it wasn’t until suffering a major back injury years later that she realized yoga was going to become a much bigger part of her life. It was a major component of her rehabilitation for her body and mind, and she knew she wanted to share her practice with others.

Alisa completed her 300-hour Yoga Teacher training at Source Yoga in Winnipeg in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin and soon found her passion with Pre/Postnatal Yoga, continuing her education with the Empowerment Project, and obtaining her Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification.

Since the birth of her children Alisa has continued her studies with several trainings including Vinyasa Immersion in Skillful Sequencing at Shala Yoga in Squamish BC, various prenatal fitness and childbirth education courses, kids yoga certification and advanced teacher training programs. Alisa teaches other classes including kids yoga in schools, and her Tiny Yogis program for preschool age children. Alisa also offers Karma classes throughout the year through her fundraising initiative Healing Minds, Healing Bodies to raise money for the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. 

When not on her mat Alisa can be found spending time in nature, playing drums, and baking. She lives with her husband, two sons Jack and Henry and their three dogs.

Her goal with her pre/postnatal classes is to empower women to prepare their body, mind, and breath for labour, delivery and parenting, while helping them connect with their babies.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Rae Photography
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Amanda Lieb bio

Amanda Lieb


Teaches: Stroller Fitness, Mom & Baby Fitness, Parent & Baby Bootcamp, Baby Free Bootcamp.

Amanda took her first class with Fit Together in January 2018 when she was expecting her first child and continued taking classes with both her daughters. She was excited to find a program where she could get back into fitness and have her baby attend the class. She says “I fell in love with the community; as a first time mom it was a wonderful thing to have other moms to talk to and relate to. I have made many friends through the Fit Together Program and to this day we still plan play dates for our children!”

In 2020 Amanda decided to go out of her comfort zone to become a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Group Fitness Instructor to join our team. It is her goal is to encourage other mothers on their fitness journey in a safe environment where there is no judgement.

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Angèle Young


Teaches: Prenatal Fitness  

Angele is a true "outdoorswoman" with a passion for staying active with friends and family. 

She discovered Fit Together classes (formerly Fit 4 Two Winnipeg) as a participant while pregnant with her first child, and had such a wonderful experience she decided to pursue her Group Fitness and Pre/Postnatal Fitness certifications to begin teaching in 2019 and now with her second baby.

She brings her zest for life and lively personality to all her classes. Her goal is to make exercise during pregnancy and afterwards more approachable, but also break down myths that every pregnant woman needs to "take it easy". She looks forward to welcoming you to her class.

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Ashley Fenske

Ashley Fenske


Teaches: Stroller Fitness, Prenatal Fitness, Mom and Baby Fitness, Parent and Baby Bootcamp, Prenatal Aquafit, Mom and Baby Aquafit  

When Ashley became pregnant with her first child health and fitness took on a whole new meaning. Eating well and getting exercise was no longer about losing weight or looking a certain way - it was about being healthy for herself and her baby.  
She joined our Prenatal Fitness class in 2013 and hasn't looked back since. Ashley was a participant throughout her first two prenatal and postnatal journeys, and became an instructor after deciding not to go back to her "9 to 5" in the spring of 2017. Her growing list of certifications include Sport Conditioning, Pre and Postnatal Fitness, AquaFitness and Group Cycle. 
She loves the community of like-minded women and parents and when asked if she likes her job, she will quickly answer "yes, because I never feel like I'm going to work!"  Her main goals are for her participants to feel comfortable in class and to challenge themselves safely.  
When she isn't teaching you can find her busy with her three kids. Ashley's favourite family activities include bike rides and hanging out at The Forks. 

Photo courtesy of Brittany Rae Photography
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Carley Girouard

Carley Girouard


Teaches: Mom and Baby Fitness, Stroller Fitness, Parent & Baby Bootcamp, Baby Free Bootcamp

Fitness and overall wellness have been lifelong interests for Carley and especially over the past several years. Carley started out in the gym alone and quickly began bringing friends along to encourage them to set goals and stay focused and motivated along the way. In 2018, Carley became a mom and going to the gym just didn’t fit into her new lifestyle. She found a Mom and Baby Fitness class and fell in love with the sense of community the class structure brought. She valued getting a good workout in while being able to relate with so many other people, who are going through the same thing, at the same time. With new confidence, Carley became certified in Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness and Group Fitness and began teaching with Fit Together in 2019.  

Carley relishes helping new moms feel strong and confident. She strives to make classes fun and different while providing a good sweat and burn!  

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Darla Gauthier

Darla Gauthier


Teaches: Parent & Baby Bootcamp 

Darla brings humour, real life grit and hard-core motivation to her classes.  

She fondly remembers attending our classes as a participant, after she says she spent approximately three months in pyjamas crying with her baby daughter. She decided to try the classes thinking it’s probably a good idea to leave the house, preferably in something other than pyjamas (but no judgement!)  

She remembers having a baby was hard: “It was hard on my body, on my relationships and on my mental and emotional health. For most of us being a mom is uncharted territory, and it made me realize I should apologize to my mom… a lot. But attending these postnatal fitness classes helped me realize that there are incredible women out there who are going through the EXACT same thing and can offer support, encouragement and most importantly empathy and hilarity”.  

Darla is a Manitoba Fitness Council certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and mom of two. She teaches our bootcamp class and it is her privilege to witness the strength, humility, determination and honesty our clients bring to each session. As Darla says: “These women are fierce AF and they are an inspiration not just to us, but also to the beautiful babies (that sounds like a line from Swingers) they bring with them”.  

Darla’s goal each class is for everyone to leave feeling a little bit better. We work out whatever anxiety, guilt, depression, stress, or even pure exhaustion that is no longer serving us. And then go home and put the pyjamas back on!

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Lara Reimer

Lara Reimer


Teaches: Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Barre, Prenatal Aquafit

Lara graduated with a Degree in Creative Communications majoring in Public Relations. Having worked in various communications and events roles for a variety of local non-profit organizations, she continues to share her passion for communicating and enhancing the well-being of others, only now it has evolved to be delivered through fitness. 

Lara was introduced to Fit Together (formerly Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West) when she was pregnant with her first baby.  The feeling of community, support and the amazing benefits of exercise had her hooked! Shortly after having her second baby Lara decided to become a certified yoga and fitness instructor and began to teach with Fit Together. Instructing her prenatal classes while pregnant with her third baby was a highlight for Lara.   

With three young children, Lara's days are filled with lots of movement and activities. In her very precious free time, Lara loves to read, practice yoga and soak up every opportunity to be in the sunshine!  

A deep belief in the connection and balance between our physical, mental and spiritual well-being is at the core of Lara's teaching style. "When participants come to my class I want them to feel nurtured and cared for. I want them to leave feeling confident and with the tools to be able to feel comfortable in the Prenatal stage of life and beyond" says Lara.  

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Work for Us!

Do you have a passion for motherhood and community? We are always looking for enthusiastic fitness/yoga instructors to add to our team of trained pre/postnatal fitness specialists. Certification in your speciality (yoga, fitness, aqua, spin etc) as well as a pre/postnatal fitness certification or commitment to completing this is required. Email aileen@fittogetherwpg.ca with a job-specific cover letter and resume to connect further.